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  • A&M Motorcycle Engineers
    28/04/2021 - A&M Motorcycle Engineers 0 Comments
    Motorbike MOT: What Is Checked?

    All motorists are required to have a MOT certificate to be able to drive throughout the country. But first things first, why are annual MOT tests required? As per the law, every vehicle in the UK (whether it be a truck, car, or motorbike) is subject to an annual MOT test.

    Every year, motorists have to leave their vehicles at a test centre or garage and hope they won’t be paying for big repairs. This is why the annual test process may seem daunting for some. It’s understandable for motorists to worry about the added costs of repairs.

    Here, we’ll provide a thorough guide on what is involved during a motorcycle test and the common test failures that you can avoid as a motorist. Read on.

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  • A & M Motorcycle Engineers
    01/12/2020 - A & M Motorcycle Engineers 0 Comments
    Our Top Three Tips for Looking after Your Motorbike This Winter

    As you start to reminisce about the summer afternoons you spent on your motorcycle, it may be time to spare a thought for how you’ll care for your pride and joy during these colder months. More susceptible to cold-related issues that their four-wheeled counterparts, a motorcycle needs the right care to ensure that it can function perfectly all year round.

    Read on through our blog to see the advice we’ve provided.

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