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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should My Motorcycle Be Serviced?

Unlike with cars, a motorcycle should be serviced every 4,000 miles or six months, depending on which comes first. By having an expert check over your motorcycle, you ensure that everything is working safely and efficiently.

How Often Are Motorcycle MOTs?

Once your motorcycle is three years old, it will need and MOT every year. This is a legal requirement to keep your machine on the road but it’s also a helpful way to make sure that there aren’t any faults or problems.

Can You Help Me Adapt My Motorcycle?

Yes, we have vast expertise in adapting motorcycles for those with disabilities and personal reasons for needing a change. These changes include fitting bespoke components, including Kliktronic gear-changing equipment. Our goal is to make riding a motorcycle as accessible as possible, so get in touch!

Can You Collect/ Deliver My Bike?

As part of our complete services, we can provide a pick-up and drop-off services for motorcycles in the local area. Whether you’re having a repair or a full service and MOT, these services are available to our customers.

What Motorcycles Do You Have for Sale?

Generally, we have lots of Triumph motorcycles, as well as bikes from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson. To find out more about what we have in currently, simply get in touch with our team.

Call us, in Chester, for more information on the motorcycle services we provide.