Specialists in Bespoke Part Manufacturing

 Efficient Motorcycle MOTs for Riders in Chester

Here at A&M Motorcycle Engineers, our team of qualified staff offer specialist motorcycle repair, service, and bespoke adaptation for a range of bikes. At our garage, in Chester,  we’re even able to manufacture specific parts for your motorbike. Utilising many years of experience in aerospace engineering. 

TEC Parts Suppliers and Fitters

At A&M Motorcycle Engineers, we are TEC bike part suppliers and fitters. Check out their website and let us know what parts you need and we’ll order it for you and even fit it. What’s more, we also offer a pickup and drop off service for your bike.

Personal Adaptations

If you need an adaptation for your bike for personal or disability reasons, we’re able to help. We’ll work alongside you to manufacture and fit bespoke components to your bike. Alternatively, we are able to supply and fit Kliktronic gear change equipment. Plus, we’ll also pick up your bike and deliver it back to you once the parts have been fit.

Collection and Delivery Service

As part of our extensive service, we offer a pick-up and delivery option in which we collect your bike from a location of your choice and take it back to our base to carry out our work and then return it. Whether its repairs, installations, servicing, or modifications, get in touch with us for more details. We have a mobile Worldpay card machine, so you can settle your invoice on delivery of your bike.

Service Schedule

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Motorcycle MOT's

Contact us for more information about our motorcycle MOT services available in Chester.

We Do Ultrasonic Motorcycle Carb Cleaning

Specialist ultrasonic motorcycle carb cleaning service using hi-tech new process which cleans the carbs internally and externally without using abrasive methods which can often do more harm than good.

Has your bike been standing for some time?

If the fuel has gone off in the carbs the bike will not run properly and you can waste countless hours manually cleaning the carbs only to find there is still a blockage when you refit them. The cleaning removes old petrol deposits from internal passageways working especially well on bikes that have been standing for some time. 

Our High-Tech state of the art machine bounces ultrasonic waves through a mixture of mild cleaning solution and temperature controlled water for a specific period of time. 

We are happy to remove the carbs from your bike in our workshop, refitting and balancing them once they have been cleaned, please ring for a quote.

Whilst working on your carbs we will notify you and replace any damage found (additional cost of parts only).

Contact us to speak to our team about our motorcycle repair, MOT and servicing availability.